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Stick to voice, theme and personality. It is quite easy for many celebrities but sometimes different brands use the shotgun approach for checking out their work. This looks good in the early days only but as the time passes more blogs and posts have to be added and you have to stick to the theme as well. The other way is to buy the verified batch online if you can’t handle so much of blogging.

If you check out any social network, you will notice that activity means a lot, and thus there are more chances that the peoples are engaged with the account thus you will grow more.“Use hash tags properly”.

This includes using the occasional hash tags, but you have also to use unique hash tag. If you think using more hash tags will help you in getting exposure then you are wrong. It will only make you disappear in the flood of different contents. It also help in getting followers and when you get followers it is easier to buy instagram verification badge
Social networks are to get back socially you can’t just leave the world around and think to have followers for you. Instagram has to treat like an image which you are going to represent in front of other people and have to be open for conversations.

You can also buy instagram followers in a very reliable upfront. But now days buying the instagram verified batch are quite easy just by click and buy it.

We submit verification requests through Instagram Media Partner Support, and we will also work on your PR before submitting the request. This will give you a bigger chance than requesting the badge yourself via the Instagram app, as we are able to supply Instagram with more background information and a case study. When requesting verification via the app, Instagram will do their own research, often resulting in being denied for verification.

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